Get in the swing of the things with our top notch golf instruction.

Oak Hills has four PGA professionals — General Manager, Mike Zadalis; Director of Golf, Bobby O'Keefe; Director of Instruction, Jonathan Mielke; and Head Golf Professional, Kyle Schellpeper. Together, our golf staff is capable of instructing every level of golfer from professional to those new to the game.

The Club has arguably the best practice facility in Omaha — our practice tee is more than one acre in size and we have more than 18,000 square feet of practice greens. In addition, our off-season indoor golf studio features state-of-the-art technology to record, track and analyze your swing, ball flight and putting stroke.

For more information contact the Golf Shop at 402-895-4383 or You can also contact our Director of Instruction, Jonathan Mielke, at

  • Instruction
    • Oak Hills offers instruction for all levels of golfers including:

      • Private instruction
      • Short game schools
      • Playing lessons
      • Half and full day schools
      • Multi-day schools (all offer a basic learning booklet and written reviews)
  • Junior Golf
    • Junior Golf Academy

      Oak Hills has for years been the cornerstone for others to follow in developing junior golf in the Omaha area. The Junior Academy program is designed around key factors of development and the curriculum based on long-term athletic development. The true benefit of the Junior Academy is to develop the junior athlete’s love for the game and physical activity.

      For more information on the Junior Golf Academy click here.

  • Indoor Golf Studio
    • The Golf Studio at Oak Hills Country Club is a 900-squarefoot indoor golf training facility with state-of-the-art technology to record, track and analyze your swing, ball flight and putting stroke. The studio offers the most realistic experience in putting, chipping and full swing. A 10-by-15-foot Mirage turf putting green provides a realistic feel, similar to the experience you would find on the finest bent grass greens and measures 12 on the Stimpmeter. With three regulation size drop down cups, you’re able to roll putts from all directions and distances for a true putting experience.

      The 6-by-15-foot Mirage turf chipping green allows for true roll and realistic bounce. While chipping onto this turf, you’ll notice how the ball checks up and runs exactly like a real bend grass green. The chipping green is complete with a movable hitting pad so chip shots can be struck from distances of 14 feet up to 30 feet.

      The Studio also features an enclosed golf cage to practice a full swing. The enclosed cage is 8-foot-10-inch by 12-foot-6-inch by 8-foot. A launch monitor, overhead projector and 8 footby12-foot impact screen can display a driving range, fairway and green into the cage for a realistic full swing experience.

      To book a private lesson or practice session in the Indoor Golf Studio, login to the website or contact the Golf Shop at 402-895-3636 or

      The Golf Studio Technology

      FlightScope Doppler Radar Launch Monitor

      FlightScope Doppler Radar Launch Monitor is 3D phased array tracking radar comprised of a high performance, low power 3D Doppler tracking radar with phased array antenna technology. The advanced ballistic flight analysis software tracks a golf ball for its entire trajectory and the club through and after impact. It represents the state-of-the-art golf measurement technology.

      • 2D Swing Analysis: View your data parameters overlaid on a 2D club image.
      • Real-time 3D Shot Plot: See your golf ball’s trajectory in real time.
      • Interchangeable Data Points: Customize the data points you want to focus on.

      The FlightScope provides you with the ability to build customized challenges. You design the size of the target and the distance you want to hit to or build a fairway to challenge your driving ability. After you complete your challenge, compare your results with other players and PGA Tour players.

      SAM PuttLab

      The SAM PuttLab is an analysis and training system that analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the results in graphic reports that are easy to understand. Within seconds the system gives you individual feedback on your putting strokes. The analysis reveals even the smallest details of your movements and allows you to develop improvements and training strategies.

      JC Video

      The Golf Studio video analysis is powered by the JC Video Arc-30 System. This software allows students to review swings from a high-speed capture and frame-by frame mode. The Arc-30 also has the ability to compare student’s swings side by side with more than 1,500 PGA, LPGA and Senior Tour players.

  • Club Fitting
    • Oak Hills offers state-of-the-art club fitting programs to utilize the newest in club measuring devices with the use of a launch monitor. Proper fitting should be performed outside where ball flight can be observed. Proper fitting coupled with expert instruction are key to getting the most out of your game. Individual driver and iron fittings are available to all players.

      Contact the Golf Shop at 402-895-4383 or